Last Week | #6

The last week of my internship has finally came and gone. I have learned so much with CBS Television Distribution, and am sad that it has come to an end. The mentors, fellow interns, and new connections in the workplace that I now have is something I will be forever grateful for. My time in Los Angeles has been the most inspiring, reassuring, and motivating months of my life.

My partner and I presented our final project that we have been working on all summer for the show Inside Edition. We created a marketing campaign for our targeted demographic, women 25-54; the campaign involved a lot more social media presence, and a hashtag that would give viewer’s content posted with the hashtag a chance to be on the ending segment of the show. We were able to move forward with our idea, and present it a second time to more executives from the show. I am very excited to see where it goes moving forward!

I have had a great, unforgettable summer and I really look forward to bringing all that I have learned back to Ann Arbor!

One thought on “Last Week | #6

  • August 30, 2018 at 10:40 am

    Thank you for sharing so much of your experience here, it’s been great to read through your posts from start to finish and see where you started and where you’ve gone along the way. It sounds like you’ve had a chance to really develop both personally and professionally.

    It’s awesome that you’ve had a chance to get to work behind the scenes at CBS and see all that goes into making it happen, but also at the same time had a chance to make a lot of real meaningful connections along the way. Really cool to hear that your final project also went so well! Congrats! Hopefully this experience will help guide and shape things for you moving forward and will allow you to pursue your passions fully.

    I wish you the best of luck!


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