Learning About Financial Services | #3

A main part of my internship relies on me understanding and knowing the Financial Services industry. While this industry is far-reaching and large, very few people understand what it is and what kind of impact it has on its every day lives.

Financial Services is the industry that deals with the management of money. That sounds simple enough, right? Well actually, I have come to learn that there is so much more. There are sub-industries, different types of financial services institutions, and a flurry of other categorizations.

This experience has taught me about how to handle having to learn a lot in a short amount of time. I could’ve panicked and thrown my hands up in the air and screamed “this is all too much!” Instead, I decided to ask questions, take things slow, and put in extra work.

I’m amazed by the progress I’ve made thus far. I am able to handle projects I’m given much more easily due to the grasp I’ve forced myself to have on this industry. While I didn’t know anything about this industry before my internship, and although my knowledge is still limited, I’m proud of the progress I’ve made thus far.

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