Lessons Learned#3

The weeks have truly been flying by during this internship. Having the chance to work on assignments in different roles has given me plenty of chances to explore new things and develop my skills in different aspects.  The responsibility of having many different roles has also given me plenty of chances to make some mistakes and learn from them.

Since all the interns are always divided into 2 groups, each week there is an intern designated to be a director, essentially the leader of the group bringing everyone together to polish a single idea. Working with a group as a director has allowed me to put my previous leadership experiences into practice as well as develop new skills. In video production, it is essential to hear everyone’s ideas and balance them out properly, especially to develop a cohesive project while many different people work on it.  I have learned a lot about properly balancing others input as well as having to make the decisive call when no one else is able to.

Additionally, there have been plenty of chances for mistakes in working on set to make different videos. From forgetting to bring certain equipment to not correctly saving projects on a computer, I as well as the rest of the interns have faced plenty of unexpected issues that we have learned to deal with. Working at Birds Nest Foundation has put me in the habit of constantly triple checking everything and planning a lot more than I used to.  Previously I would often try to figure things out as I go since I thought it allowed for more creativity, however, planning ahead has given me more chances to experiment later on since I have been prepared and ready to get everything essential done leaving time for fun ideas to be explored as well.

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