I recently had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of an event that brought in highway safety professionals from numerous nonprofits and local government agencies. They were brought to the FMCSA because they were part of a board that would decide on the FMCSA’s strategic objectives for the upcoming year. The FMCSA constructs a list of yearly goals at this meeting by incorporating the ideas of trucking nonprofits, so they know what these organizations wanted them to work on.
I used last year’s list of strategic objectives for the FMCSA in a policy report I drafted recently, so it was interesting to see what goes into deciding what the FMCSA’s main objectives would be for the year. What was especially intriguing was that many of the representatives from nonprofits on this board were against automated driving in the trucking industry. It seems as though the FMCSA created this board so that it would assist in the agency in both learning what trucking commissions nationwide wanted the FMCSA to pursue and to protect the interests of commercial truck drivers.

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