Starting My Final Project | #4

I have been given my final project for my summer internship: a presentation of my team’s industry (financial services), the products we sell, and how our team works. Me and the three other interns on my team have decided to split up all the products we sell (there are roughly two dozen different packages we offer our clients).

While I may be halfway through my internship, I am still a little worried about this project. It requires speaking to many different people in the company and having not just a general knowledge of the work my team does, but rather a deep understanding of what we do, how we do it, and how we impact our clients.

In addition, I decided to tackle one of our most complicated and least used products. This product, called TowerGroup, is a research and advisory product offered to vendors who sell into financial services institution. It is a product that is being sunsetted, thus meaning there are fewer people on the team who work with the product.

While I know it’ll be difficult, I’m excited to see how this project turns out.

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