Week 4 – I Can’t Believe Its Almost Over

With only two weeks left to go, I cannot believe that this internship is almost over…

What have I learned so far? I have certainly learned that leadership can very much so be individual. Now, what I mean by this is that conceptually, it is generally understood that leadership works as a person or group of people serve as the ‘leaders’ and another person or group of people take upon the role as ‘followers’. However, I am now understanding that leadership doesn’t have to have two separate sides to it. I believe that leadership can be individual, or just for oneself as well. I have learned this throughout my internship because I took on an individual and independent research project-that has spanded over the entire time of this internship and also being very much so independent in my travels. Both taking on a research project and being a solo travel are new to me. Yet, I have learned so much from these last four weeks so far that leadership comes from within but it doesn’t have to be a leadership for others, it can be a leadership for yourself. I have never thought of leadership in this sense before but this is now opening my eyes to specifically focusing development in my personal leadership. I have seen this in my work and also becoming more comfortable traveling by myself.

In this culture and in the university culture back home, there is this belief that it is odd to do things by yourself-which then makes me wonder, why should I wait for someone else to do something? This includes things like grabbing a meal, seeing a show, et cetera. I actually think there’s fun in it too to push those beliefs because it is fun doing things I want on my own, in my own time, of my own choice.  I want to continue to challenge these beliefs both here and back home.


Catch you for more next week!

-Jessica S.

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