Wrapping Up My Internship | #6

I have now finished my internship. The ten weeks I spent interning for Gartner in Arlington, Virginia absolutely flew by. I am so thankful for my boss, my mentor, the other interns in my program, and all the team members who helped me learn so much and achieve even more.

Looking back on this internship, I have been so grateful for how much I learned. I learned about the entire financial services industry, how corporations operate, and how I worked best. While it wasn’t always easy and rewarding, I can happily say that I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything else.

On our last day, all the interns on my team came to our office for one last lunch. All of the members of our team had personalized cards, superlatives, and gifts (in the form of cookies and cupcakes) ready for us. We got to hang out with our team one last time and it was really nice.

Walking out of our building and driving back across the DC border to my dorm, I can say that this was a memorable summer.

One thought on “Wrapping Up My Internship | #6

  • August 29, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Hi Daniel! Congratulations on finishing up what sounded like a really valuable summer internship! In your last few posts, you reflected a lot on how you were putting yourself in new and challenging situations to further your growth and learning. That is really impressive that you acknowledged areas of growth for yourself, and then took the initiative to jump in rather than shy away from those opportunities — and it sounds like you believe those to be key elements to your overall valuable experience! When you return to campus, and if it sounds like it would be helpful, you should definitely consider coming in and connecting with a coach here at the Hub. The coaches are amazing and incredibly resourceful — they can offers ways to think about highlighting your experience of your resume, and also strategies for thinking about how this experience informs what you are thinking about for next steps. I hope you enjoy the last few days before classes begin, and I wish you all the best this next year and in your future!


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