Mentors #3

I’ve started to get the hang of things. It’s taken me a bit longer than I expected to adjust because there isn’t a set schedule. I work on a team for the Quicken Loans Community Fund and our schedules vary by day. My team coordinate 40+ volunteer events a week for the company. There are mornings when I come in a 9am and spend most of the day inside. There are also mornings where I am in by 8 and spend a majority of my day outside. It was frustrating at first, because it wasn’t what I expected but now I’m beginning to love it. I never did see myself as a “behind a desk” type of girl and so now I wonder why I was okay with the idea… Eh, I guess I can figure that out later. Right now, I love that I can really work on what it means to be flexible in the work place. Since I don’t really know what will be thrown at me in a week, I am always prepared to make accommodations.

I’ve decided to choose my own mentors, outside of the one I have been given. Her name is Lauren and she’s an absolute doll. Haha, Lauren is funny because she’s not at all what I expected of a project manager. She’s really young (graduating college 2yrs early!) and nonchalant about life. It’s ironic because for someone who cares so little, she cares a lot. It’s difficult to explain but she cares about the community a lot, yet she can care less about what other people have going on…. that may not sound great but she is. Outside of her, my new strategy is to make people my mental mentors. If I see a person doing something that I admire, I make them a mental mentor. From there, I study how they do things and make an effort to set up a 1:1 or attend panels that they may be a part of. So far, I think it’s working for me… But I still have about 3wks left so we’ll see.

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  • August 22, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    I love the concept of “mental mentors” – and it makes such great sense to pay attention to the people and behaviors you admire as you get adjusted to a new work environment. It’s also great to hear that you are planning to follow up and connect with the mentor mentors you’re collecting in-person to gain more of their insights through conversation. This strategy also aligns really well with the goals that you mentioned in your last post of networking. I’ll be interested to hear more about the new connections you’ve made and the other approaches to work, in addition to Lauren’s, that you’ve picked up and explored adopting yourself!


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