Almost Halfway at Archipelagos

As I work through my third week here at Archipelagos, I reflect on what I’ve learned the past few weeks and it’s becoming more than I expected. I began this internship thinking that I would be working on one project and only that project, but as I’ve stated in past posts that’s not the case. I’ve slowly started to work with other interns on their projects and data collection and since then I have learned how to analyze components found in water samples, identifying Mediterranean fishes, learning how to free dive, identifying micro-plastics and in the coming week I will be taking over a project of some interns whose time, here at Archipelagos, is coming to an end.

The project that I will be taking over is one working with the Jackal population on Samos. Right now there is a problem of jackals living on the airport grounds and they want to relocate the jackals from the airport to another location on Samos, but before they can move the jackals we must figure out how many jackals there are. While one group is working to solve this problem, I will be working to find the location where they will be relocated. My job is to analyze the diet of jackals found within the airport, in the wetlands near Psili Ammos and a population of jackals around a marsh near Mesokampos.

I am excited to take on this project because I will finally be able to use prior knowledge of scat analysis for a project here, as well as add to the data base of what they already have.


I am a rising junior studying environment and minoring in entrepreneurship and urban planning. For the next 6 weeks I will be interning at the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. During this internship I will be aiding in microplastics research on and around the Greek island of Samos.

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