Favorite Experience???

Working as an intern for the National Forum at Michigan has been quite an experience.

One of my favorite projects that I’ve been working on has been the Big House Program for our new generation of students. It’s been rather exciting to plan everything, although this process was challenging at times. There was always an end goal, and we knew that our work was worth it, for we were here to help students throughout their Michigan experience (e.g. college application, tours with different students and faculty members, additional assistance on financial aid information, etc.).

My favorite experience had to have been the few days where the students came to campus, for we finally were able to meet the participants who we’ve been communicating with since the beginning of the summer! It’s very heartwarming to know that everything we have been working on was for a purpose: assist these students who may not receive additional resources from their school counselors. Growing up, I was one of the lucky ones to have a school who dedicated an entire course on the college process, but I now know what a privilege it is to have this additional help. I want this experience for every high school senior, so the Big House Program is one of the ways we achieve this experience of giving back.

I look forward to Part 2 and 3 of the Big House Program, but for now, I am grateful for everything we did so far and continue to do.

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