Final Stretch!

As I enter one of my last weeks as a Human Capital Summer Scholar here at the firm, I contemplate on my achievements and experiences I had this summer. I feel as if this last week is crucial for me to network with professionals I haven’t met, complete any pending assignments I might have, and more importantly, leave an everlasting impression on my team. It is imperative that I finish out my last week strong and to not become lazy because I am wrapping it up. I feel as if many interns ease up during their last weeks because their internships are coming to an end, however that will not be the case for me. I strongly believe in starting and ending off strong.

Throughout my tenure here I have been writing down goals I want to accomplish for the internship and to this date, I have accomplished all, but few. I have not yet obtained my return offer, however, I will not get notified about the offer until my internship is over, and I have not met with the leading Consulting Partner in the Chicago office. I am currently awaiting a response from his admin, but once I receive a confirmation then this goal will be on its way! Stay tuned as the end is near!

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