Final Week

I’m starting my last week at the Michigan House Office Building. Things have changed a lot since the beginning of my internship. At first, speaking with constituents over the phone was almost frightening. I didn’t know how to navigate databases or the correct questions to ask when I picked up the phone. Now I feel confident. I have managed the office on my own for over a month during the election cycle. I have assisted with complaints against the Department of Corrections, the City of Detroit, and corporations in district. I have handled concerns from a wide range of individuals who have treated me with varying degrees of respect. I can certainly say that I have learned valuable skills in patience, customer service, and navigation of government agencies.

One thought on “Final Week

  • August 15, 2018 at 11:14 am

    Hi Mary. Congratulations on completing your internship! I am so glad to hear that the experience took you from feeling anxiety about fielding constituent calls to a place where you feel comfortable independently managing multiple facets of the office. I hope this experience gives you the confidence to take on new challenges both on campus and in your professional life. Best of luck moving forward and thanks for sharing this summer! – Jake


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