Goals #2

I don’t really know if I’m doing these correctly.. but here goes number 2!

I just finished JumpStart today, which is basically our orientation. I was not Ready! First of all, if you are from Detroit and haven’t toured Quicken Loans, you need to. For a mortgage company, the buildings are full of so much color and creativity! I visited another high profile corporate building as I was interviewing for internships and it was very stuffy. It reminded me being imprisoned and the need for perfection. I didn’t get that feeling at all while I was touring QL. Someone told me that the actual buildings for the bankers and production teams are a lot more serious.

I also found out that my team (we don’t call them ‘departments’) is on the executive floor. My main goal is to network. I now know that I have direct access to numerous leadership roles throughout the company. In fact, I’m on the same floor as Dan Gilbert. The cool thing is that one of my friends is also on this floor, so I feel a lot less lonely. To tell the truth, every intern I have met so far has been kind. We’re all kind of excited and are still in the process of trying to figure things out. I don’t know if we’ll all be friends, but I’m excited to get to know everyone. As we talk, I learn more and more about my new team members. So far, almost everyone is from Michigan State…. Pray for me!

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  • August 22, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    Thanks for such a fun and informative post to read, Carlena! (And yes, you’re right on track). I was really fascinated by what you said about building environment and how the very colors and layout of a space could change the whole atmosphere. It sounds as though your office is in the right place for you, and how exciting to be in the midst of QL’s executive team. I’m glad that you’ve already started to connect to colleagues, both among your peers in the internship program as well as more advanced staff on your team. Good luck with all those Spartans – we have a few in our office too! 🙂


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