Leadership | #4

This summer, working at PwC has taught me a lot about leadership.  This might be a little partial to Big 4 Accounting firms in general, but especially with PwC, I’ve learned lessons of leadership that will tie into many aspects of life.

Although PwC is a very hierarchical company, it terms of position and teams, it operates as a flat one. That is to say, interns and new hires are working with Managers, Directors, and even Partners, and despite the responsibilities associated with each, there is transparency among work and no one acts above the others.  The ability and opportunity to learn from others creates a very productive environment and is beneficial to everyone on a daily basis.  By embracing the diversity of thought in the firm and respective teams, everyone has an opportunity to exhibit leadership.  In fact, Whole Leadership is a vital piece of the PwC Professional framework.  Professionals exhibit leadership everyday, and utilize the knowledge of others in the firm to improve their own practice.  Overall leadership is developing more and more each day amongst those with the firm, and it contributes to the constantly improving work environment.

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