My New Best Friend, The Slider #2

Almost every Saturday this summer has been devoted to a full day of filming a wedding. Since the first wedding I shot with this internship at Visi Productions my best friend has been a short black medal slider. It is a push and pully system that allows a tripod head to move smoothly left to right and forwards to backwards while the camera lens is pointed at your subject. When the camera is placed on the smooth moving slider it can create beautiful and cinematic shots that add another level of depth and detail to a wedding video.

My job during the day is to get the detail shots of the bride’s and/or grooms accessories.This can include the dress, shoes, tie, jewelry, cuff-links, alcoholic drinks and food served while they get ready, hair, make-up, veil, suit, perfume, other special details the couple has included on their day. Then after that I leave before my teammates and head to the ceremony location to get the outside of the church/ceremony location, then I go inside to get the details of the chairs, flowers, candles, alter, and anything else that will help them remember the day. Then I am off to the reception before any guests or the rest of my team gets there and I get details again of the outside of the venue, the tables, dish-ware, napkins, menus, flowers, lights, dance floor, cake, and more. There are always so many details put into every individual wedding, I never have a shortage of things to shoot. Plus since my boss usually gives me ample time before each event I have time to get creative with my shots and capture everything.

This picture is of flowers and lights hanging from the ceiling over the dance floor at the reception:

One frustrating part of this process is often times I am very early to the ceremony and reception so most times the people in charge of setting up/making these places look how the couple dreamed are never done when I get there. So most of the time I am shooting and reshooting because they hadn’t finished putting to plates out or they hadn’t lit the candles. So sometimes it works because it shows the process of the day and what the rooms look like from stage to stage, but often times I find I have to get a variety of the same shots because not all the details were ready yet.

Another slightly frustrating factor to doing these shots is the slider itself. Even though it is a high quality piece of machinery it will stick and job off its gears, and when that happens the whole shot can be too shaky that it is ruined. So I’ve found and my boss has told me the slower you move the better.

I never realized how many details go into the making of a highlight for a wedding, what Visi Productions has taught me is that all these details add to the quality of the video. The couple needs to get what they are paying for. You can’t sell top notch work without proving that you see every detail.

Here are a couple shots I got with my phone at two different locations that highlights the location and details:

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