Reflection 5: Semester in Detroit

Semester in Detroit is more than just an internship. It also includes classes, group dynamics, and living in the city I am learning about. I think there is a lot to consider about being a part of it.

We live in Wayne State’s apartments on Cass in what used to be called Cass Corridor. It is now called midtown because the area has been throughly gentrified and is still in the process. On Cass, there is a book store, a dog park, a coffee shop, an ice cream place, academic buildings, and a lot of white people. People walking their dogs or their babys in strollers.

One street away, 2nd street, most of the businesses have closed, there is a backyard with chickens in it, people will likely ask you for money, and there is a community garden with a lock on it. There is much less foot traffic, and the people you see do not typically appear to be white. One more street down, third street, there is an entire homeless community in the street everyday. There are birds looking for scraps and no one else seems to be there.

This clear cut segregation and racial divide was a reminder that, although learning about Detroit within the city is beneficial to me, I could be part of the problem.

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