Reflection 6: goodbyes

It was really difficult to leave UCHC. Everyone was so thankful that we had been there. In a place with so much work to be done, it is hard to step away. But, I am glad to know that the people I met and the work I did will remain important and that going back is an option for me.

I cant believe all that I accomplished this Summer and all that I learned. I feel like I could stay so much longer and still have so much to do.

I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to grow this Summer through Semester in Detroit and UCHC. The classes showed me what my place in the city was. The internship allowed me to meet Detroiters first hand and learn from professionals. The people I met came from all different relationships to the city and learning from them was really important as well.

I hope that I can find internships like this one in my future. I enjoy being challenged to use what I have learned in school in the real world. It is important also to have what I learn in school challenged by the real world.

I had a great Summer.

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