Seeing Results #5

The past two weekends I was asked to work at the Stagecoach and dress up like a cowboy to help out and act in their gunfight skits. While I was up there, I continued setting up the scavenger hunt and all of the signs are now placed!

The first weekend that I was up there, I spent most of my time wandering around the park in search of good locations for the signs to be placed. On top of that, every hour we did a gunfight skit for the visitors of the park. Since my boss knows I do a lot of theatre, she thought that I would be a perfect addition to the skit. In the morning when I first got to the Stagecoach, I was given a few lines to try to remember, but I was basically told to improvise around the few lines that were set for me.  The first show that we did was incredibly awkward and I really had no idea what I was doing, but at the end of the day I grew more comfortable with the skit, and was able to commit more to the acting. It was pretty fun to experience.

Then following weekend, since the signs are all placed now, I printed off the papers for the scavenger hunt, and began passing them out to visitors as they came into the park. Upon completion of the scavenger hunt, my boss decided that everyone would receive a free t-shirt. We had very positive feedback from all of the visitors that participated in the scavenger hunt. It kept people occupied for a longer amount of time, and they were also receiving a free t-shirt so the attendance fee became more worth its cost. When visitors finished, they would come back to the front to check their answers and choose their free t-shirt, and they raved about how much fun it was to search for the answers on all of the signs. They said it was so cool that they could have so much fun, and learn a little bit about Wild West history at the same time.

It was amazing to see some of my hard work start to pay off based around the positive feedback I was receiving.

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  • August 22, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    Hello Devin – Apologies for the delay in replying to your latest post, as I was out of the office last week. It was wonderful to read about the scavenger hunt being up and running and the positive feedback you received from the visitors. It sounds as though you received some well-deserved affirmation in developing this idea and seeing it all the way to its implementation. Great work! I hope you continue to document the success of your project and that these few final weeks go well.


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