I look to the months leading up to my Capitol Hill internship and, in my reflection, one thing astonishes me: I was completely unaware of the opportunities I would create for myself.

To be completely transparent, I was dissapointed to be working on the Hill- mostly because I had an interview with dream think tank, and I didn’t get the job. I had a general discontent towards politicians, and I didn’t know as much as I should have about the democratic process. By the time my offer for my office came in, I felt like I was settling.

My naivety is frustrating as I look back. I know my path ahead will involve politics or policy, and this internship has undoubtedly informed my understanding of the political process on every level of government. I think it helps I had a more hands-on experience than my peers working in other offices. My office gave its internships the opportunity to draft constituent correspondence letters and work on projects in our interest area. This allowed me to broaden the framework of policy in my interested areas, as well as expand my policy areas to understand some ideas more thoroughly.

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