The (Near) Future | #6

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at the National Immigration Forum, a non-profit that promotes pro-immigration advocacy, in Washington, D.C. I worked and interned alongside some amazing people who are doing incredibly important work.

Interning here has made me realize the more specific areas that I want to focus on when it comes to immigration. While the Forum concentrates on making immigration bipartisan by working with both those on the left and those in the center-right, that meant that certain issues within immigration–the ones that I am most passionate about, coincidentally–were left out. These aspects, mainly reproductive rights and criminal justice/incarceration within immigration, are what I find myself thinking about the most. It’s what I wish the Forum could have focused more on, though I understand that with their audience and their partnerships, they’re not exactly able to.

My experience as a communications intern was also eye-opening in the sense that while I certainly learned a lot, I also realized that communications/social media isn’t exactly the field that I want to go into. After doing some more research and introspective thinking, I’ve started considering applying for a Masters in Social Work. I want to push my activism after I finish undergrad, and I think pursuing social work–with its social-justice oriented background–would be a great path to activism. I even swapped a class in the middle of my summer so that I could take Social Work 305: Theories and Practices for Community Action and Social Change (even though it’s going to a 3 hour 9am Friday class!).

My three to four ish months here have truly opened many doors of thoughts and experiences that I am truly, truly grateful for.

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