The Wrap Up

My internship experience as a  Deloitte Consultant this summer was great! I gained so much knowledge and experience throughout my time at the firm this summer. I was able to travel to Atlanta, Columbus, and Dallas all for client work and internship training. Moreover, I was able to take advantage of the alternate travel perk the firm offers and travel to Toronto, Boston, and back home to Detroit.  There are a plethora of takeaways I have from the summer whether it involves my professional or personal development. Many professionals within the firm showed me what it meant to be a part of the Deloitte community by being open and receptive to my Consulting questions and eagerness to learn. I am thankful for the internship opportunity. Furthermore, I am beyond appreciative for the LSA Scholarship as it assisted me with my summer housing expenses. The financial assistance  relieved a lot of stress off of me this summer. I am happy to say that the firm offered me a full-time position with them as well as asked me to a Campus Ambassador this upcoming semester! Overall, I had a great internship opportunity and I am very appreciative of the help provided to me by LSA.

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