Unexpected Project Switch!

Throughout the first few weeks, I had the opportunity to work on a project assisting our client in a Tech Adoption of one of Deloitte’s products. I highly enjoyed the team as they were younger and had an impactful learning experience figuring out ways to create the training modules for the client. My client work was going well until there was a delay in the project that we were working on! Because of this delay, I had to roll off of my project to ensure I was able to have a meaningful internship experience. A week later, I was restaffed on a project that was very interesting as well as different than my whole project. For this new project, I played the role in planning and conducting an 8-hour interactive session for our new client helping them align their project goals and corporate strategy. This project and team was a complete opposite than my previous as the team was older, however, the work was very client facing. Working with this newer team allowed me to have a bigger impact on the client as I had the chance to listen and assess their business problems.

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