Week 7 in Tirana

After 7 weeks in a foreign country I am whole lot calmer and I feel myself just seeping into society. It feels very therapeutic however I am beginning to gain more and more anxious to get back to the states. After visiting Kosovo this weekend, I learned a lot about being a citizen there and also felt so selfish at the same time. This is because if you are a citizen in Kosovo you need a Visa to basically visit every country in the world except Albania, Turkey, and Montenegro. The government created a lot of barriers because a few countries do not recognize Kosovo as a country so they want to monitor who is leaving the country. That being said, I felt so selfish, yet very grateful because during my internship in Albania I have gone to any country I wanted to visit in proximity to myself without thinking twice. I felt like I had the golden ticket after talking to so many young kids. Opening my eyes to the world is so valuable and really has given me a new appreciation to being an American. Although our country is not perfect, it is a democracy that is moving in the right direction with people consistently wanting to improve life. I honestly feel so spoiled to even be a citizen at times. We are the only country in the world where you can create a ludicrous sign about the president, walk in front of his house, and sit there all day till your feet give out and nothing bad can happen to you. We really do live in a special place and I feel like the younger generation takes it for granted and do not absorb the opportunities we have around us. The amount of times people asked me to take them to America, while checking out at the market, was overwhelming. Moral of the story, our problems are not that bad, trust me.

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