#3. Growth

I think my biggest misconception and mistake from this summer was thinking that I was going to step into a space to help them or cause some substantial growth in the space that I was working. It was to my surprise that throughout this summer, the biggest changes and work that I have worked on or influenced have been within myself. Over the last four months I have tried to be more intentional with everything that I do and as a result, I not only find myself expanding my professional and technical skills, but I have also learned to control and understand what I feel at a larger capacity. Stepping into a work space that was completely different from what I was accustomed to and challenge myself to grow, I have grown more appreciative and less fearful of engaging new opportunities. I hope to keep this desire for mental health and development as I step into the school year. Working with Mariachi Femenil Detroit has been a blast and I look forward to continuing to work with them.

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