#4. Community Project; challenges and triumphs

Currently, Mariachi Femenil Detroit was looking to host a community event in Southwest Detroit on August 25th to highlight the cultural diversity in the city expressed through different artistic means. Not only was this event highlighting local artistic entities, but it was also an opportunity for local entities to come set up and interact with members of the community. There, they would be able to share their services, speak about programs, recruit potential future employees, and promote their local initiatives. This event was focused on introducing and developing community ties across local Detroit organizations and companies. However, there were some challenges in developing this event.

A large part of this event is to utilize Detroit entities to sustain the events mission of promoting the city’s businesses. However, as the date was approaching, we began to realize how limited the number of businesses really was. Many of the places we were contacting for food and other commodities happened to be unavailable during the date of the event. Also, as for locating a venue, many spaces had restrictions and what could and could not be done in the space at the time of the event. These restrictions were usually restricting the vending of food which would increase the budget for the event by an unknown amount, since the number of people to show up or how much people really eat is difficult to control. Things began to look cloudy as the date approached, however, a ray of light appeared unexpectedly and seems to be clearing the skies for a future date.

September 16th is the day of the Mexican Independence and for those who do not know, Southwest Detroit is nicknamed “Mexicantown” for their predominantly Mexican population. As a solution to the August event, we proposed to move the event to September 16th, hoping that we could then collaborate with more organizations to create a larger and more sustainable event. Because many of the local entities want to participate in this cultural celebration, partnering with others will not be an issue. This new date not only gives us more time to plan out an event but it also allows us to partner with others who already have experience in hosting larger events. That way this can be like a pilot event as to how we will structure future community engagements.

Stay tuned! More is yet to come.

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