Blog 6: Final goodbyes and future practices

As the days came closer to the end of my internship, I didn’t notice how fast time went by. My internship during the summer was a great learning experience for my studies in Michigan.  Since my internship with Azteca was in Chicago, I had familiarity with my way in the city since I live there as well. I was able to live at home, take summer classes, and have the opportunity to participate in this internship.

The internship provided inside knowledge on communication with customers and become aware of  different marketing techniques. I hope to practice the skills I learned with some of the clubs and orgs I am part of on campus. This will be a great way to build other communities.  I am aware that I will always receive the help of the Azteca staff and will reach out to them for any advice and guidance. The company gave me the knowledge, trust, and growth, to become a wiser student. The great experience I had with this company triggered my eagerness to further explore more internship opportunities in the future. The knowledge I gained will move along with me to any future opportunities I receive.

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