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This experience has been amazing! It is a bit weird that the internship is over, but I know that we still have some things to do in preparation of the events this upcoming fall semester. Right now I want to focus my efforts on making sure that ALMA runs as smoothly as possible, and also I hope to get a little bit of rest before classes start. I am really proud of the work that we did this summer, and I am excited to see how the events turnout. This experience really helped me develop as a leader, and also taught me how important it is to be organized with the work that I am doing. This internship really solidified that I want to earn my Master’s in higher education in order to work with college access some day, I think that planning these events for a campus community really showed me that the opportunities that I have at this university are amazing, and I want to do what I can to make sure that future generations of under represented communities also have those opportunities. Thank you to everyone that made this summer possible for me.

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  • August 29, 2018 at 10:38 am

    Hi Antonio – I am Tyler from the Opportunity Hub. Thanks so much for sharing your blogs posts with me. I’ve enjoyed hearing about your internship experience this summer. It sounds like overall you had a really positive experience, all while strengthening some leadership skills and solidifying an interest in pursuing a masters as a next step. Congratulations! You should definitely be proud of the takeaways you’re coming away with this summer. What is also nice about your experience is that you’ll be able to continue engaging with the community and the work throughout the school year despite the internship being complete. This could be a great way to stay engaged in the work! If you are interested at all in connecting with one of the Coaches here at the Hub, they are a wonderful resource for all kinds of things – in particular, they can be helpful in thinking about how to articulate your experience and skills on your resume, as well as thinking about preparing for grad school. I wish you all the best in this upcoming school year, and in your future!


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