Experiences #5

I feel as if I have found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! I recently left for D.C for a Young American’s for Freedom Conference! I spent 5 days in D.C experiencing the big city. I honestly have a way different opinion then everyone else, but I love D.C! With my internship right now I am experiencing the campaign side of politics such as door knocking and working fair booths. I wish to one day be on the other side of the “grunt” work one day in D.C as a representative for our great state of Michigan. I already did my research and by the age of 26 I will hopefully run for a House seat representing the State of Michigan in the United States’ Congress. From policy changes all the way to laws set in place by our ancestors, I want to do it all. I want to impact our community in the future to come. I am starting to learn how and why our local government is most important to our community as a whole. With the primary passing, I am excited to say I am a step closer to my career goal! I am officially a precinct delegate! I have learned so much this summer from this internship! I can’t wait to serve my community more!

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