First Big Event | #2

I wrote this blog post several weeks ago, but I’ve been so preoccupied that it completely slipped my mind to post it until now…

The past few weeks felt like the first time I got to witness my hard work pay off. Last weekend was our 4th of July Party. I spent several weeks preparing for this event because members come from all over the Midwest for this celebration. It consists of a catered dinner, fun family activities, and then we end the night with the firework show. There are many different pieces that must all come together to make this event work, from security to the cater to vendors and entertainers, and it was my first time planning an event of this caliber for the club. One of the biggest obstacles while planning was the lack of a general database from which I could pull information on past events to provide guidance and make better-informed decisions. In the past, there was no specific event planner who oversaw these events, but instead, everyone helped until the job was done. I find this sense of community to be very inspiring, but because the club has grown so much in the past few years, it is now necessary to hire an event planner (me) to ensure that all the different components come together. This led me to a wild goose chase as I attempted to track down everyone who had volunteered in the past to gather their input and expertise. It was surprisingly a great experience to do this because I met many new people along the way and formed tons of connections.
Overall, I believe the event went very well! I hired a caricaturist and a face painter which was a blast for both kids and adults. We had roasted chicken for dinner and the firework show was incredible! There were undoubtedly quite a few obstacles we had to overcome, but I felt prepared to tackle nearly all of them. The biggest obstacle was the heat – with temperatures nearing 100 degrees and room indoors for only a fraction of the attendees, I was very nervous that the heat would deter people from coming or cause serious issues during the event. However, we handled this problem to the best of our abilities by providing fans, umbrellas and plenty of water to everyone who was outdoors. This event was a great learning experience and a good reminder to be prepared for any sort of obstacle because you never know what you’re going to get.

One thought on “First Big Event | #2

  • August 21, 2018 at 3:55 pm


    Thanks for this post – I’d been wondering when your next entry would be coming in!

    I am amazed while reading this entry, you are keeping such a positive attitude about everything in your work this summer which is incredible! Instead of becoming upset or frustrated by having to track people down you took what you could from the situation and got to know people. You were networking during the whole process which is a valuable skill to possess!

    Not only are you keeping a positive attitude by showing great work ethic by taking on a job you don’t have much experience with and starting from ground zero. You should be very proud of yourself for putting together such a large scale event with no hiccups – that is showing your hard work paid off!

    I look forward to reading the rest of your journal entries and seeing your great work continue this summer!



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