Leading the Way #6

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Thank you for continuing to read my posts! At this point in my internship, I have had the chance to learn about different types of work environments since I have been “stationed” in different areas. Although each place has its own set of quirks in the work space and different staff, all of them have had one thing in common, great leadership. Each leader has had a different amount of enthusiasm, passion, patience, and accountability; however, one aspect that I would like to focus on is each of the leaders’ willingness to be flexible. Each of the leaders that I have had the opportunity to meet or work with has been more than thrilled to jump into a project to help one of their employees. That is the kind of leadership that should be everywhere. A leader should not simply be there to delegate duties but also assist in stressful times in order to make sure that something gets completed the correct way. This allows for the employees to have a good example, and urges them to be more willing to work with others. After all, if the leader works with everyone, why shouldn’t everyone else cooperate? Hopefully I can put these observations into use when I myself am in a place of work!

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  • August 14, 2018 at 9:57 am


    Thanks for sharing! It’s been fun reading through the different learning moments that you have shared throughout this experience – I’m glad that you’re getting the opportunity to try a lot of different things!

    Your observations on effective leadership were really great to read – effective leadership comes in many forms, and there is not really a set template for what a great leader looks like, but you tend to know when you’re working for/with one. You brought up one quality of great leaders – the willingness to step in and support their team in whatever capacity is needed and appropriate. What other qualities are important for great leaders in your mind? Do you work more effectively under specific leadership styles? More importantly, what skills and qualities of effective leadership do you feel like you need to develop and hone to maximize your effectiveness for future opportunities?

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