Our New Cohort

We have finally selected the 45 students that we will meet in August. The entire team is really excited to meet every single one of these students. Many of the students come from Detroit and Dearborn, but we have a good number of students from further out this year. As PILOT continues to expand over the years, we keep reaching out to new communities that have not been represented in the Big House Program before. This is the seventh cohort of the program, so years from now I would love to see a scaling of the program that can reach students all over the country!

Now that our cohort has been chosen, we are moving on to planning the schedule for the students and making it as helpful as possible. Since we have so many first-generation students in our program, we cater our schedule to reduce any fear they may have with the college admissions process. It is also helpful that PILOT has already done this 6 years in a row, so we do not have to re-invent the wheel when building our new schedule.


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