Quite a Shock Blog Post #4

A miss communication happened in my internship. I learned a lesson. What had happened was I let my internship coordinator know that I would be gone the whole weekend mentioning I would not be there Monday as well. Anyways Monday rolled around and my internship coordinator called me and yelled at me for not being there. He called me around 1 pm and I apparently was supposed to be there at 9 am. Why wait till 1 to call?? Low and behold he was looking at a different email/text then I was. After talking he was still mad at me. I asked if he would like me to come in for the remainder of the day. He of course said no. I asked if he wants me to come in the day after to make up for the day I missed. He said no. I asked what could I do? Everything I did and said he would shoot me down. I learned a valuable lesson that you can not please everyone and you most definitely have to confirm days and times you will be out of the office right before you leave. I appreciate all the lesions I have learned so far in this internship.

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