Reflections and Future Goals #6

What an experience I have had! To sum up this whole summer, it has been a roller coaster. I have had everything in the book thrown at me! Which is crazy! I will say one thing I liked, disliked, along with a piece of advice I wish I knew before entering this internship.

What I liked was meeting new people and talking to my community over the course of this internship. What I disliked was the inevitable, the rude people. A piece of advice to the wise, listen. Especially listen to your community. Do not argue with those who wish to not have their mind changed. You will never win with those who do not have an open mind.

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone involved in the Tim Walberg for Congress campaign and everyone that made my internship happen. I grew as an individual experiencing this internship. From crazy door to door people to amazing people that share the same values and goals as me! No matter what political preference one is, I am grateful for everyone that touched my heart this summer. I am so excited to use everything I have learned and put it towards my MIW internship! Thank you again!!!!!

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