Why are people so rude? #3

I cannot comprehend the experiences and incidents I have had door knocking. For those who do not know what door knocking is, it where you go around neighborhoods and pass out literature. The literature would be something like an ad for a political party. Anyways, here is my experience! I walked up to someone’s door, I knocked, and then all of a sudden, a man walks out in his underwear. I didn’t really comprehend what was happening. Anyways, this man just starts screaming at me to get off his lawn. I was so taken back by this man I honestly froze. I just remember apologizing so much and walking away with haste. That is only one of my experiences with door knocking. One of my friends just had a strange man follow him around the neighborhood asking if he was going to rob houses. Without a doubt door knocking actually made me a stronger person. I have ZERO fear of walking up to random people’s houses now. I just laugh and say to myself what’s the worst that can happen? For those reading this post, please just say, “no thank you” to a door knocker that you do not want to talk to.

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