A Token of My Gratitude

I want to start out by sharing my gratitude, for I am extremely grateful for this internship experience!

I am really appreciative of everything that my mentor does for the Michigan community, for he shows immense support to myself and fellow interns in every project we endeavor.

Our main focus of the internship was the preparation of our Big House Program for our new generation of students, and even though most of our diligence came from this project, I really do feel as though I have grown immensely throughout this internship experience.

As I’ve mentioned before, my career will be in Education, so this experience of working with high school adolescents from marginalized communities was truly eye-opening, providing me with a one-on-one lens more unique than being in a classroom for a semester. These relationships we build with the participants begins in June and is maintained throughout the whole school year. Additionally, we maintain connections with the participants, providing support when they need us. Working with the National Forum on the Big House Program–as well as other smaller projects–has allowed me to gain more experience to better prepare myself in the classroom as a young educator.

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