Blog Post #5: Wrapping Up

There is officially just 3 weeks left for my internship. There has been a lot that I have experienced throughout the course of this internship. When I initially came to DOT, I thought that the data was virtually impossible to make sense of and I felt very conflicted as to whether or not I could do my job correctly. However, as time passed I started to understand more about how work is done within the Department of Transportation and the data I was working with began to make sense. There are 9 federal agencies within DOT that consist of: PHMSA, FAA, MARAD, FTA, NHTSA, FMCSA, SLDSC, FRA, and FHWA. I’ve been able to sit in meetings with the majority of these federal agencies and it has been interesting to see that each agency has its own culture and unique way of getting work done. This has helped me because as someone who wants to pursue a career in Human Resources, I have been able to see how organizations are run within the public sector. We also moved locations within our office at DOT and we are now sharing an office space with the Research department of DOT. Whereas our previous floor consisted of open communication, this floor seems to be quieter and the people seem to work more independently.  

One thought on “Blog Post #5: Wrapping Up

  • August 24, 2018 at 10:09 am

    Hayoung, I can tell that you have really built up confidence and capability in working with the data you were tasked with. It can be really rewarding to be able to make sense of such a complex situation and feel like you can handle your work. Thank you for giving some insight from what you’ve learned about DOT!

    I remember that you were going to talk to the Director of HR–did you do that? How did it go?



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