Blog Post #6: Final Thoughts

Today was the last day of my internship. I presented my final project to my boss and supervisor and I am really proud of how much I have grown during this internship. I presented my Monthly Summary Report that illustrates all of the audits from DOT as well as a visual representation of the data. In addition, a created a standard operating procedure that illustrates step by step how to accomplish all of the projects I have worked on throughout my internship. It is amazing to see how the amount of time I took to complete each task got shorter and shorter as the internship went by. I was able to finish these faster with less mistakes, and I improved my communication skills as I worked closely with my supervisor. As my time with DOT comes to an end, I learned a lot about the importance of respecting your team and trusting them as you do work. Although I don’t believe I will continue to work in the public sector in the future, I am very happy that I was able to experience what I did through this internship and will definitely apply the skills I learned here to my future positions.

One thought on “Blog Post #6: Final Thoughts

  • August 28, 2018 at 8:05 am

    It’s amazing how much you were able to accomplish in your internship, Hayoung! It is so satisfying to get better and better and something and realize that your time and mistakes have decreased. It sounds like your presentation to your boss went really well and you really improved your communication skills with your boss and your team during this time. I agree that it is so important to learn to respect and trust your team. It’s really hard to get anything done if you don’t trust people and are constantly micromanaging their work or doing it for them.

    It sounds too like you decided based on this internship that working in the public sector is not for you, but that working in HR is what you want to do. I’m really excited that you were able to come to such concrete conclusions about your future through your internship! As you start to think about next steps for moving in this direction, definitely feel free to come in to see a Hub Coach if you could use some help thinking it through.

    I do want to acknowledge that this is your 6th blog post, so you have now completed your requirement for us. I have very much enjoyed following along with your experience this summer. I hope to meet you in person in the Hub someday!



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