In the Beginning | Blog Post #1

Both fortunately and unfortunately, my summer has been quite hectic one and I have not been on top of the blogging requirement but I’m here now and I’m ready to tell you all that there is to know about my internship. My internship this summer is with the Lok Lab whose focus is on clinical research in the division of Hepatology. In the beginning, my main hope for this internship was that it would provide me with valuable skills that would better prepare me for medical school. As I prepare to submit my application for medical school in June, the main thing that I feel my application is lacking is clinical experience. Therefore, when weighing my options for internships, this feature was one of the most attractive parts about the internship that I chose.

As a part of this internship my main duties have been to spend a great deal of time in the Hepatology clinic recruiting patients for clinical research studies. While this doesn’t sound very difficult it can be quite challenging to convince someone to devote their free time to something that may not necessarily benefit them directly. Nonetheless, this gave me the opportunity to learn the flow of the clinic and participate in valuable patient interaction. Additionally, I was attracted to this internship because it would also give me the opportunity to lead a clinic research study. This would mean recruiting the patients, assuring that all of their paperwork is properly filled out, keeping track of and completing their follow up visits, and more! This was a responsibility which was new to me, but I knew it would not only set me apart from other applicants, but aid me in cultivating my leadership organization and independent working skills.

Overall, I expected that my internship would help me to become more well-rounded and nurture my love for research and since I’m close to the end now…. I can say that it did just that!

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