Oopsie!! | Blog Post#2

As a part of my internship I am required to keep track of all of our patients’ upcoming visits so that we can make sure that their follow-up requirements are met. Upon their follow-up visit being scheduled I am to enter the orders for their follow-up blood draw and assure that we process the patient’s samples. During my first week doing this alone, I inputted the orders just as I had learned in training, however the patient missed their upcoming clinic appointment. When the patient rescheduled their appointment I approached them at the visit just as I had intended to do at their original appointment. Only problem was that the patient did not mention that he had  his blood drawn even though he had missed the appointment. Long story short, the patient ended up having his blood drawn not once, but TWICE! To everyone else it wasn’t a big deal, but for a girl who just got the job…. I was DEVASTATED.

Despite my fear of an upset patient, I kept my cool. I am a person who believes very firmly in honesty so I contacted the patient and let him know that I had made a mistake. Although his second sample had to be discarded due to the study protocol, I spoke with my supervisor and we were able to compensate the patient for both of his blood draws! Although it was a little scary at first because I feared the patient would be upset and withdraw from the studyme keeping my cool and being honest helped to resolve the issue very smoothly. In the end all parties were happy and needless to say, I now double check that the patient hasn’t already had their blood drawn BEFORE I approach them at their visit!


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