Play the Part | #5

We get a lot of letters from family, reaching out on behalf of their loved ones behind bars. One case I took on included a letter with no return address. This person had listed multiple diseases, as well as harsh criticism against the legal system,  and a desperate plea for us to check on their loved one.

Another letter included a father claiming his son, who had took a plea deal for a criminal case, was innocent.

We reach out to these individuals and check on their well being, letting them know their family is worried about them.

It can get very tricky though. The case with the father claiming his son was innocent can actually harm his son as he is up for parole soon. Since the parole board looks for individuals who take responsibility for her/his crime, it could reflect badly that his support system, his father, is trying to take away that responsibility (at-least in the eyes of the parole board).

What I’ve learned: it’s all about playing the part.

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