Post #2// Getting to Know Locals

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In a way, I feel like I’m cheating because I am from Chicago. Nonetheless, this internship has given me the opportunity to see and experience parts of the city in a different light. One way was through an artist showcase that I held in late June. Through it, I got to interact with local artists who I was interested in booking for my show.

I interacted with them through a “company” I made called Patch + Stitch, which I named after a blue patch jacket I’ve owned since high school. I then joined Facebook groups such as DIY Chicago and Chicago Area Musicians Network to search for artists. It was interesting to me how online spaces were being used to coordinate local cooperation because I normally think of the internet as a platform to facilitate interactions that were more long distance than short distance.

I managed to book all my artists, but in the process, I made friends with two gentlemen, named R and James. They’re part of a local Art Rock band called New Senses. They’re very kind and gentle souls, with music to match their personalities. When the showcase was over, we exchanged information and have been keeping in contact since. When it was Pitchfork music festival, we met up and saw multiple acts together.

One thing that I’m a bit excited about is the possibility of moving forward. The biggest thing I’ve learned about this business is the importance of interpersonal relationships in any field. I really enjoyed working on them, and I got some advice from my boss to make it stronger. Before I leave, I’m planning on keeping that engagement by offering marketing for them. Oddly enough, it feels a bit like courting in the schoolyard, in that I keep saying I will do it, yet refrain out of nervousness.

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