Poster Day #5

It’s July 27th, Poster presentation day. The day that is most anticipated, yet also the most dreaded. Finally, all the hard work you’ve done gets to be shown off. You get to stand there and present your research to multitudes of people, form those who have zero knowledge of what you are talking about, to those whose knowledge in the field seems lightyears ahead of what you currently know. It’s a hectic day, as fascinating as it is scary. Going into this day, I felt very prepared. I had gained a natural depth of knowledge about my research field over the years I had been working in the lab before. Also, with the fact that I basically did my summer project on my own required me to do more background reading and slow down my pace to ensure I had a better understanding of each step I was taking, since I knew my mentor wasn’t around to conveniently fill in the gaps for me. At the poster session, I presented to many students and interns who were working for during the summer, and surprisingly I also presented to many PhD and postdocs who were presently surprised at what I was doing during the summer and the finding I achieved. A lot of them gave me very good advice about how to look at my results and future direction to undertake. In fact, I will probably be applying their advice into my research during the school semester. All in all, this was my most successful poster presentation ever, it truly made me feel as if the work I had done during the summer had purpose and significance.

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