Reaching End of Chennai Internship!

I am in the final stretch of my time here in Chennai. This past week I took a small hiatus to go to my dad’s mom’s place in Tirupatur with my mom, which is about a 3 hour train ride from Chennai. It was nice to see my grandma after a while. She lives in a very old fashioned, 70-year-old house in the small town, which is itself the length of a stretch of road. We did a lot of shopping at roadside stores(where I bought a sari for the first time!). We also went and saw a Tamil movie in the neighborhood theater, which is really really old fashioned and cute. After a couple days, we went to Bangalore to see my aunt and cousins. My aunt came to pick us up in her car and we drove 2 hours. Her and my mom haven’t seen each other in many years, so they talked the entire way, like kids. It was really nice to see them both so happy. I met my cousin, who is just a few months younger than me, and we got along really well. We went to a bunch of malls and we even visited my dad’s school. Bangalore is a huge tech hub, and is very cosmopolitan, so it was a big change from Chennai, and especially from Tirupatur. It is also so much colder than I had expected, and is supposedly that way year-round. After a couple days, we went back to Tirupatur and then caught a train from there back to Chennai.

All of my fellow Umich interns have finished their internship and departed their own ways, so as of now, I’m the only remaining intern at the company. I finally finished working on the UI’s for the comic pages that I wrote about earlier. A lot of the work we did depended on each other, so I have to find a new project for the last week and a half of work. My boss suggested working on texturing of characters and environments, for which I would be working in Photoshop. I have not done texturing before, but I have seen fellow interns do it, and I have worked in Photoshop, so if I do, I would need to learn from almost scratch. Another idea was to help work on the UX of the game’s log in page. My favorite project, that I have done, would have to be drawing all the comic strips. Although it got really tedious, comic up with stories and using my creativity that way was really fun. I really loved showing it to my friends and coworkers to see if they could decipher what the story was.

Today we do not have work, as it is Indian Independence Day, but tomorrow when I go back, I will most probably receive a new assignment, for which I am excited for.

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  • August 17, 2018 at 6:46 am

    It has been great to read all your bog post. I am so impressed by what you have learned and accomplished while in India and I am happy the internship itself was worthwhile.


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