Summer in Ann Arbor #3

This summer has been full of learning experiences, one outside of my summer internship being learning to live alone and away from home. Yes I have spent a summer not with my family, but never in a house alone for the summer. I’ve had so much time to myself in the evenings and weekend to truly reflect not only on my SURF research this summer, but also my last three years of undergrad. I think this is so important before heading into my senior year, I am able to start my final year with a clear head and very distinct goals for the coming year both academically and socially. Having the time to myself to use those reflections to consider options for my future have also been extremely essential at this point in my life. During the normal school year there’s not always time to do this without distractions and stress surrounding me.

Even though I am still in Ann Arbor for the summer, it’s a completely different environment than during the school year. You know those really nice days in the fall and spring where everyone is out in the diag in hammocks, on the concrete benches by the “M”, or throwing around a frisbee? Well that’s pretty much every day in the summer in Ann Arbor, except much fewer people around. It’s been great to spend time with friends without the stress of school to really explore more of Ann Arbor and attend events going on in the city. From going to the summer festival in June to the massive art fair in July, I’ve never gotten too bored despite the lack of students being here.

I am wrapping up my 12-week summer program soon and will be heading home briefly before returning back to a bustling Ann Arbor for classes in September, but I think this past summer has been invaluable in teaching me a lot about myself and I’ve truly gotten to experience and know Ann Arbor in a different way.

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