Three Tales| #5

With my research symposium that culminates my fellowship fast approaching, I’ve been reflecting on some of my favorite experiences from the summer. Living in a new state and starting a new job gave me lots of chances for adventure, in and out of the lab.

Last Thursday I left work so late that the shuttles had stopped running and the sun had set. And yet, this was one of my favorite days so far. With my end date in sight, I had stayed late at work to finish a Western Blot so that I could analyze the proteins from one of our experiments and use it in my presentation. Even though it was past 8 when I left, it didn’t feel like a drag, because I was working with another SURF student that was as excited to see the results as I was. We were rewarded for our work when our results clearly showed the trend we’d been hoping for, validating a month’s worth of effort. Even the PI was impressed by the quality of our data!

While I worked twelve hours that day, there was certainly enough free time to go exploring. Another one of my favorite experiences happened that weekend, when I took a camping trip with a friend in Taylor’s Falls, MN. We stayed in a state park just over the Wisconsin border, where we could hike the national Ice Age Trail and kayak the St. Croix River. It was neat to see the bluffs, potholes, and other geographical features that were so different from home. I came back into work Monday rejuvenated by two days relaxing around campfires and ready to put the finishing touches on my presentation.

Today was one of my last days in Rochester. With work winding down, I went downtown with the other interns to grab lunch at the weekly street fair. We purchased street tacos and listened to the live music, then treated ourselves to dessert. Our mentor Chris bought us coffee, and we decided to go up to the top floor of the historic Plummer building to get a view of the city one last time.

I’m going to miss my lab, and exploring parks around Minnesota, but I’m going to miss my newfound friends in Rochester most of all.

One thought on “Three Tales| #5

  • August 16, 2018 at 11:29 am

    Hello Sierra,

    Thank you for another great blog! I’m happy to hear that you are still enjoying your internship, and even though you had to work late hours, your hard work paid off. It is also great that you were able to collaborate with a fellow SURF student- team work makes dream work!

    Your camping trip to Taylor’s Falls sounds splendid- it is awesome that you managed to schedule a trip and took a well-deserved break, replenishing yourself with some quality time with friends before a big presentation. Great job impressing your PI!

    I’m sure this is a bittersweet time for you, as you prepare to wrap up your work in the amazing city of Rochester. I’m so glad that you form strong friendships- it will be valuable to keep in touch and share aspirations with each other down the road! Additionally, if we connect another SURF student, would you be interested in having the Hub introduce you both via email? We know it can be helpful to share experiences, successes, and challenges with peers, especially with those going through similar (but also different) research/internship opportunities. Please let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

    Sierra, I’d love to hear more about your future academic and career plans, and if the internship has changed any of that for you. Best of luck with the rest of your internship!



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