1 on 1s #4

One on my main goals coming in, was to meet with various leaders throughout the company. My strategy was to simply ask for a moment of people’s time and it worked. So far, I’ve met with CEOs, VPs. CMOs, CFOs, ect. The experience has been great because I see that there can be a plethora of different leadership styles under on overall code of conduct.

I encourage people to challenge their leaders. By all means, ask the tough questions that other people are too intimidated to ask. Personally, I just believe that I have the right to ask any question and a person has the right to not answer any question. At Quicken Loans, questions are eagerly anticipated and answers are valued.

So after all of the meetings that I have had so far, I’m starting to piece together the type of leader that I want to be. Each 1:1 that I have had so far, has sown into my spirit. Even with the leadership methods that we don’t seem to connect with, there is always something to take from them.

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