Blue World Institute| #2


Lately after work I have been walking around the residential areas, which are hidden on a hill behind the island’s main street. I enjoy looking at the medieval architecture and the overgrown plants that sallow up the houses. The streets in between the houses are so narrow that they only fit a maximum of two people walking side by side. Martina, one of the interns, told me the narrow streets were designed to protect people from the harsh winds during the winter seasons. If you walk to the highest point of the hill, you can see the whole island and the crystal blue Adriatic Ocean. Mali Losinj is a small and and since it is not tourist season yet, new faces stand out. During my walks I come across a lot of the same people. Within the first two weeks, I have already started to form relationships with the island’s residents. One relationship is with a little boy, who every day around 5 pm  scooters outside of a popular restaurant. Since the boy does not speak english, we have not had a conversation. However, our relationship is built on me watching him try new scooter tricks. Every time I see him I sit on sidewalk and watch him zoom back and forth up the street until is grandfather calls him in for dinner. The past few days I started taking photos of him, which he gets really excited about. Its interesting to observe our interactions, since our communication is not built on understanding the same language.

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  • August 16, 2018 at 8:06 am

    It sounds like you are having a good experience getting to know Croatia–that’s great! I particularly love the “relationship” that you have with the little boy on his scooter. It really does go to show that a significant portion of our communication is not at all related to the words we say, but rather all the other ways that we communicate–body language, facial expressions, tone, etc. I definitely encourage you to continue to explore your new surroundings as much as possible while you are there!


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