End of Internship & Final Takeaways

  • What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your experience that you know now? What advice would you give to someone planning to do an internship in your host country, career field, or organization?
    • As my summer internship comes to an end, there are many things I reflect on after a full four months working in LA. I had an incredible experience interning this summer and have met some great mentors, but there are a few things I wish I did know before the summer started. Although I would say I did an amazing job with my work, I wish I knew how high the expectations were from the beginning. At this company, someone may have the title of “manager” or “senior manager”, etc., but in reality, everyone here is so busy doing their own thing and working on their own projects, that the titles really don’t matter. My title may be “intern”, but the expectations my manager had for me were just as equivalent to that of a full-time employee or manager. I was given tasks that were unique to me and projects that I took the lead on. Much of what I did was work with many smart attorneys and purchasing managers on the supply chain team that treated me like one of their own full-time coworkers, which I greatly appreciated. I wish I understood this expectation right from the beginning so that there was clarity on my role, my expectations, and my impact on my team and the company. If I could give any advice for someone going into this field of work, this industry, or to someone taking over my position, I would say to expect to get treated like a full-time employee and be given projects that you alone are responsible for. Although it may be a scary experience to work on your own and lead a team on a task, it helps you grow as an employee and individual, and gives you the knowledge you will need to work full-time upon graduation.
  • Describe your favorite experience as an intern this summer. This could be a favorite project or presentation that you have completed for your internship, or an experience outside of work.
    • My favorite experience this summer was getting taken out to lunch by the two attorneys that I have been working closely with. They rewarded me with a great lunch because of all of the hard work that I have put into leading the legal team in the implementation of the SAP Ariba legacy contract upload. I spent my entire summer gathering and inputting all company-wide supplier contracts (DSA/ESA/MSA, SOW, NDA, T&C) into supplier profiles to manage sourcing projects – something they did not think I could complete on time. But because of it, they saw how hardworking I am and how interested I am in the legal work here at Faraday. Thanks to this experience, their guidance, and overall generosity, I further understand myself as an individual and have solidified my desire to go to law school (after a gap year of making some money), and that is an experience I cannot put a price tag on. I am so grateful for these four months of work, and am even more grateful that I have another year of school to enjoy before making this a reality!


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