Estrel Berlin #5

Two things have stood out to me in my reflections this week. The first is what I’ve learned about leadership. I truly admire and respect my “middle boss” because she is someone who lets you fail without letting you feel like a failure. Even into my fourth and fifth week of this internship, I have been caught making some silly blunders in the recording of requests and cancellations of reservations. In one case, for example, the information recorded for an account wasn’t in the appropriate form (relatively harmless) but, in another, I forget to send requests for a new client’s data protection notification (rather serious, as this is now required by law). My “middle boss” was a gem about it though and she didn’t let me brood for too long. Knowing my personality, she told me exactly what I needed to hear: she reassured me that she had made many mistakes as a newbie in the office too, but firmly reminded me that a mistake like the one with the data protection notification can never happen again. And it never has!

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