Estrel Berlin #6

This past week I have felt like quite the stereotypical intern. I spent a number of hours signing, stamping, folding, and packaging over 2,000 invitation letters for the hotel’s annual gala dinner. Fortunately, that’s not all I do! I have had the opportunity to do a number of translations and proofreads for English language press releases and marketing materials. I have also developed an English language ‘quick facts’ flier and a public transportation map for hotel guests. The highlight, however, has been translating for a radio interview with one of our hotel’s in-house musical production star. I had never done live (i.e. on-the-spot) translations before, so that was really a unique experience! I had great fun with it and it really made me appreciate the wide range of opportunities that the Estrel has given me so far in my internship. This particular experience was definitely one that I had not expected when I first started!

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